The Saor Patrol Dancers

Our Girls

On occasion Saor Patrol have appeared on stage with Dancers as part of their live performance. Although not exclusively, our Dancers have mostly joined us on stage at World Cultural Events. Probably, most well known to our Italian Fans, our Dancers have made a regular appearance with us at the “Lo Spirito del Pianeta” Festival in Northern Italy, Although they have at times, Been other places with us as well.

Saor Patrol would like to take this time, to introduce you all to Becca & Carys. These girls are professional, Award winning Dancers who have taken time to add to Saor Patrol’s live sets, by performing a mixture of Traditional & Contemporary Dance Choreography to Saor Patrol’s music live on stage.

Becca & Carys are part of the Debra-Ann School of Dance, based around the Mid-Lothian region of Scotland. This Dance School has over 40 years teaching experience behind them, and are both U.K.A. Qualified, and P.V.G. Checked. And have produced some great Dancers, our Becca & Carys included. And Saor Patrol would like to thank Debra and her Dance School, for allowing Becca & Carys the time off from their busy schedule to come and perform with us on stage.

You can find out more about the Debra-Ann Dance School, and of course Becca & Carys in the links below:

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