The Assembly of Indigenous Peoples

The Assembly of Indigenous Peoples is an organisation that Saor Patrol has supported since it’s beginning.

This group of Indigenous Cultural Groups from all round the world, was started by the indigenous groups that regularly attend the “Lo Spirito del Pianeta” Festival in Italy. Saor Patrol were proud to be asked, as attendees representing the Celtic Culture, to be among the original signatories of the declaration of the Assembly.

Saor Patrol continues to perform, along side their ever expanding family, at the “Lo Spirito del Pianeta” Festival in Italy every year. And it is the hope of all the cultures involved, that at some point, we will be able to expand the Spirit of the Planet Festival, and take it to other countries. Allowing a greater audience to experience the richness, and diversity of what our planet has to offer. And in doing so, help raise funds for all the charitable projects it supports round the world.

Please take the opportunity to experience as much of our diverse planet and it’s rich culture, by following the festival, and the assembly online. at least until you can get there yourself, or we manage to come to you, in your part of the world !

you can find the Assembly of Indigenous Peoples on Facebook HERE !


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