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Carys, Saor Patrol Dancer

Carys is always on the ball with her performances, serious and focused to a fault, and her dancing reflects that on stage. Off stage she is more relaxed, and always up for a laugh.

Carys loves to dance, and loves also to teach. Many a time at shows, when she is given a chance to show little ones, and adults alike all the moves so they can join in, is usually when you see the biggest smile on her face.

When not on the stage, or practicing her patterns, Carys can usually be found taking every moment she can to sunbathe. There is nothing Carys enjoys more than taking in the rays (Except maybe, Ice cream).

But be warned, Carys hides a dark side ! With a razor sharp wit, and a sense of sarcasm to match, Carys has often had the guys in the band on the back foot. We are talking SARCASM, on the level where even the band are never quite sure if she’s being serious or not ! Never shy to tell you what she thinks, and always straight forward and to the point, which the band have always appreciated. Except maybe when she gives you the “If looks could kill” Stare, that leaves you unsure of your actions and thinking “Guys, we might have gone too far this time, ……… She looks angry !”.

Carys is very approachable, and kind hearted. So if you get a chance to meet her and say hi, you should ! Just dont push the humour too far, or you might incur “The WRATH !”, ……….. Maybe bring a friend, for support !

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