Silke & Hubo


What can we tell you about these two, …… well, Silke & Hubo are to Saor Patrol, what Cubes of Ice are to a glass of J.D. & Coke. When their not there, it kind of tastes OK, but you just know there’s something missing !

Silke & Hubo have been there from the start, assisting with Merchandise mostly, but adeptly turning their hands to anything else that needs done. Whether its Hubo helping the band out with their gear backstage, or little things that don’t go un-noticed by the band, like “where did those bottles of water come from ? …….. OH, Hubo must have been up on stage !”. Or whether it’s Silke helping out on the Merchandise Stall to let others away for a break. Or playing mother hen, and making sure the band remember to eat actual food, before going for a wee drinkypoo at the bar.

Always in good spirits, and always good fun, Silke & Hubo have always been the embodiment of what it means to be part of the Saor Patrol family !

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