Fanclub Manager

Heinzi has always been there. Wherever Saor Patrol have gone, Heinzi is never far behind.

Ever since the band started expanding into Europe, Heinzi was with us. one of the first fans we ever had, he has helped us no end, and now he is the Manager / Administrator of our Fan Club. A friendly soul, always happy (Well, ….. Mostly), and a firm and loyal friend.

If you have any questions regarding the Band, or it’s Fan Club, you will find Heinzi a more than pleasant, and informative man to talk to.

We would like to thank Heinzi for all his continued support over the years, and hope that we will continue to have many adventures together in the future.

Side Note: If you can’t find Heinzi with the Band, or at the Merchandise Stall, …….. He’s probably at the bar !

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