Becca, Saor Patrol Dancer

Becca is a bubbly outgoing kind of person, with a broad smile that would light up any room. Always full of energy and life, which shows on stage as well as off. Always friendly and personable, Becca takes to most things with enthusiasm, which you can see in her performances.

Becca loves to dance, and always throws herself into working out New Choreography to New Tunes. And is always at the top of her game on stage, very professional and very well rehearsed.

But, beneath that bubbly exterior, lies a hellcat. Becca has proven herself on more than one occasion, to the guys in the band, to be a true party animal and hell raiser. Even when the night draws to a finish, when the bars are closed, and even the band have run out of alcohol, Becca usually manages to procure more for everyone (Sometimes, LEGALLY !), much to the gratitude and surprise of all.

If you come across Becca with the band, make sure and say hi. she is very friendly and chatty, and loves meeting new people. Just, …………….. don’t get her too drunk, you’ll regret it !

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