Bea & Peter


Bea & Peter have been with the band for a few years now, the bands first impressions of Bea & Peter were of unwavering hospitality. Accepting us into their hearts from the very outset, and inviting us for food and drink at their camp on the festival circuit. With their cheery happy demeanour it was an instant like. Always pleasant, welcoming, and full of humour, these two have always brightened up any event we met them at.

It didn’t take long at all before Bea & Peter were helping us out in other ways too, on hand to help with the merchandise when we needed them. Their family would always be on hand as well, and together they quickly became a part of the Saor Patrol family, as we became a part of theirs.

While Peter is always full of laughs, and ready whenever he thinks it is necessary to cheer people up with a quick joke or two. Bea, although as kind hearted and as funny as her man, Has a mother hen kind of attitude to the guys in the band. Lovely and accepting, and yet every so often when you glance round, you can see Bea shaking her head at you, but still with a smile on her face. If you get a chance to get to know this lovely couple, we promise you wont be disappointed, so the next time you see them come over and say hi !

P.S. One thing we can say regarding their hospitality, ……………. Peter’s Goulash is absolutely EF’ing amazing, and has been the reason on many festivals, that we are still alive !!!